ROBOMOVE and CAPRA ROBOTICS: the European partnership of excellence

Italy of innovation meets Denmark of robotics

Robomove, the company led by Giampaolo Santin based in Trana, the Italian leader in automatic handling systems, has signed a prestigious partnership agreement with Capra Robotics, leader of the Danish group Odense Robotics, awarded as Robotics Company of the Year 2022.

Thanks to this prestigious collaboration, Robomove expands its range with the mobile robot Capra Hircus, one of the very few AMRs in the world developed to be able to operate outdoors. A true technological excellence able to face multiple applications in the intralogistics market in the industrial field. Thanks to the performance of the robot and the expertise of Robomove, the new offer will support and guarantee customers who intend to invest in innovation, today for the future.